Six Senses Uluwatu, Bali

With myriad hotel choices available in Bali, it’s quite easy to find hotel options but very difficult to decide on one that fits all our requirements. First of all, the 2 of us wanted a hotel where we can just chill and relax. Next is that it had to be near water/sea; be it by the beach or a cliff or a pool. Last but not least, it had to be worth the money you are paying.

The ultimate luxury hotel by the cliff #sixsensesuluwatu just did a soft launch recently and we managed to book one of the gorgeous cliff pool villas during our stay in #bali in Sept’18. 😍  It is an individual villa overlooking the cliff and had a private pool. We stayed there for 2 nights.

The Estate

The hotel is located right at the southern tip of Uluwatu, so when we arrived at the lobby area, we were greeted with unparalleled view of the Indian ocean. We were given a really pretty set of welcome drink with some cookies.

Upon checking-in, we were introduced to our personal butler who kindly showed us around the estate on a buggy. She had to maneuver it through the narrow and winding pathways; good driving skills! Anyways, so for properties located by the cliff and is designed to give the rooms view of the sea (that’s one of the selling points), the terrain is always designed to have a slight gradient facing the sea – meaning each row of villas’s vantage point will be overlooking the roof of the row of villas below them and beyond (the sea). With it being located at the cliff area and with no other islands nearby, what you see is the horizon.

The Villa

When we reached the villa, we were greeted with a traditional Balinese looking front door which was in the gorgeous blue that matches the interior and just invokes a sense of calmness. Once inside, I could not stop gawking at the enchanting interior design. They had taken note of the memo I left when booking the room – celebrating 10th year anniversary (not wedding anniversary) and they left a letter, a drink and a pretty dessert! It’s a pity I couldn’t really eat it as it has yogurt in it. Still, A for effort there!

We spent some time looking around the villa, observing the details and the just taking in the feeling of being on holiday. The villa had 1 bathtub (enough to fit 2 persons) and 2 shower areas, 1 outdoor and 1 indoor. They were using one of those high-end automatic toilet which greeted me when I stood near it. Hansgrohe was their brand of choice for the bathroom items (sink and shower) and it is one of the premium brands in the market known for it’s design and quality.

A walkthrough video of the villa~

The Amenities

On the first night there, we went to explore the main pool area and to find the best spot in the hotel to eat dinner and catch the sunset. They had this area with this frame where guests could take instagram-able shots.

They had several restaurants open for dinner and one was having a seafood bbq event but we weren’t in the mood for a bbq then. In the end, we chose a cosy corner seat at The Cliff Bar for dinner. Unfortunately, food selection was limited but I guess that’s cause we are used to having many food choices back home that the menu provided seemed limited. We ordered beef and chicken sate/satay and some king prawn dish which got mixed reviews from both of us (lol).

The breakfast was served at Rocku.

After breakfast, we headed down to the main pool area to chill out.

Had to do that infinity pool shot!

The Verdict

Verdict: A wonderful place to rest, relax and catch the magnificent sunset. Room ambiance and finishing is of excellent work. Great for luxury getaways and honeymoon trips. Service was great. Food selection and quality at the restaurants can be improved. They are still probably going through the normal teething problems a new development would have so they should be much better in time to come. Sadly, some portions of the hotel wasn’t finished yet so we couldn’t see the hotel in its full glory. The official opening should be within end of this year.

Let us take you through how we rate hotels to determine if they are worth it or not. If it’s an expensive hotel, expectations would be much higher as compared to paying for a cheaper one. Of course there are other criteria involved in determining just how “worth it” a place can be but it’s all personal opinion and judgement and cannot be seen as an overall standard. Everyone has a different benchmark of what is affordable and what is expensive.

  • Age of property: 5/5
  • Service: 5/5

All in all, it’s worth it but costly. $$$ 😂

#tranquility #peace #nature #balihotel


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