What I’m watching now?

I am probably a drama addict.
I watch Korean, Japan, Taiwan and China dramas. I think I learnt most of my Korean and Japanese from dramas (lol). Not a bad thing, just maybe a bit unrealistic. Usually I’ll watch those dramas which are at least a few episodes in or a complete series cause I am the kind who has to “know”, meaning that I-have-finish-the-drama-and-know-the-whole-story kind of know. It is the same as reading a book – I have to finish it. haha.

Just started on a Korean Drama: Mirror of the Witch   (마녀보감)  🙂
It looks rather promising from the start (epi 1). Well, I only watched up to episode 2 but I will be continuing on. It gave me the same vibe as another Korean drama called Gu Family Book starring Lee Seung-gi and Bae Suzy as they had that first episode as background story introduction thing going on. Dramas with plots that contains curse, magic, black magic, history, mystery, family secret are always kinda exciting for me. There’s always a twist or great explanation to that mystery that may or may not make sense sometimes. And it seems that Korean dramas are moving in that direction.

Yoon Shi Yoon is cute and animated in this drama. I liked him in Flower Boy Next Door but I did not watch the one that made him famous – King of Baking, Kim Tak Goo. Anyways, I was kinda apprehensive about the age-gap thing (between the main actors) people were talking about but it seemed ok for now. I think this drama has ended by now so most of the episodes (with English subs) should be up. Yay!


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