Do not give out any of your personal particulars to possible fraudulent calls!

This number: +65 65778680

Hi all.

I received this call from +65 65778680 claiming to be from DHL SINGAPORE saying that it was the final reminder to collect my package and it was in Chinese.

They were smart to use the automated call thing but I did suspect something after that as the only button to press was 9 and because it was in Chinese, only those who understand Chinese would press 9.

I had to find out more so I pressed (yes, stupid) but yeah – so the person (he) on the line was speaking in China-accented Chinese. I asked him to check what package it was and he asked for my full name (apparently company policy) and I asked why the call was in Chinese and not English. I gave my name (yes, stupid again) but not actual name to find out more. So he checked and said I have a package from Shanghai and it was a credit card (I think) from 26 May.
(Now I wonder – even without full name they could check something like that and even by phone number.) :0

I asked him why the package was not sent over instead of asking me to collect (I always thought DHL documents were always door-to-door) and I think he went on the say something about Shanghai customs which I did not understand (my understanding of the Chinese language has its limit).

After he checked with me if I went to Shanghai/China (which I did not), he started to speak lots of Chinese (probably normal to them) about if I had saved or given any personal particulars on online sites and that it may be because of that that my personal particulars were stolen or something like that. (Probably to make you worry)

Suspicious Suspicious – It was then that I recalled something that was reported somewhere before about mails claiming that you created account for credit card with them but was not sure what it was about.

Luckily, my Chinese is not that great :/ (not a good thing but still…) so I demanded someone who spoke English. He digressed by saying I could speak and understand Chinese well but I demanded again for someone who spoke English. And that was when he put me on hold and the line got cut off. So obviously, there wasn’t anyone who could speak proper English in that “company” of theirs.

They made use of a MNC company’s name to gain the trust of the person on the line and then tried to get more info. Even their on-hold did not have those music one would hear while you wait (probably because maybe he just put his finger on the phone receiver to stop sound). And another thing is that I did not hear any typing of the keyboard (he probably had a script).

So it was obvious that this is one of those possible fraudulent calls which they would ask for your personal particulars to help you with a problem you may be facing (made-up problem that is). Most likely they will go on to say they can help you with this problem (blah-blah-blah) and to come collect the package.

I am not sure what they can do with my name (not actual full name) and phone number. (update: they may spread to others to call and address me – SCARY!)
I do not know where they got my number to being with! Never gonna answer a Chinese call again!

All in all, do not give out any personal particulars over the phone.
Especially your full name, identification number and credit card numbers.
This probably applies to everywhere around the world!






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