Trip to Japan 13-28 March 2016 (INTRO+BIZ)

Yes, it was some time ago. And it took me THIS long to post something about it.
I’ve been too lazy to write anything or do anything really – no motivation.
Wells, I went on a business + vacation trip this March 2016 and I completely missed the blooming of the Sakura flowers (saw only a little bit). *sad*

Anyways, I was sick and coughing but did not manage to rest much at all during this whole trip. Hence, I only got fully well 1 week after I came back to Singapore. That’s like almost being sick for 3 weeks. :/
This was my 4th time in Japan but my 1st for business.

My rough itinerary:
13 Mar – SG to Tokyo ・ シンガポール -> 東京
14 Mar – Business ・ 仕事
15 Mar – Business ・ 仕事
16 Mar – Business ・ 仕事
17 Mar – Business ・ 仕事
18 Mar – Business ・ 仕事
19 Mar – Tokyo ・ 東京
20 Mar – Tokyo ・ 東京
21 Mar – Tokyo -> Kawaguchiko (Mt Fuji) ・ 東京 -> 河口湖
22 Mar – Kawaguchiko (Mt Fuji) -> Tokyo ・ 河口湖 -> 東京
23 Mar – Osaka ・ 東京 -> 大阪
24 Mar – Kyoto ・ 大阪 -> 京都
25 Mar – Kyoto ・ 京都
26 Mar – Tokyo ・ 京都 -> 東京
27 Mar – Tokyo ・ 東京
28 Mar – Back home in SG ・ 東京 -> シンガポール


Experienced what I would call morning-train-sardine situation. The ambient temperature was a general 10degrees but I was sweating under my coat – before I even reached office. This probably happens elsewhere around the world but every country has their own unique mannerism for taking trains.

I won’t go into other details but I’ll just mention this visit worthy place =)

AOHATA JAM DECK – アヲハタ ジャムデッキ

Topic: Get a tour of the jam factory and make your own jam!

Prefecture: HIROSHIMA  ・ 広島
Main website (in Japanese):
Address: 広島県竹原市忠海中町1-2-43
Directions: About a 5-minute walk from JR Kure Line “Tadanoumi Station”
From Hiroshima district
About 40 minutes by car from Sanyo Expressway Kawachi IC
From Okayama direction
About 30 minutes by car from Sanyo Expressway Hongo IC
About 35 minutes by car from Hiroshima Airport

MUST make appointment! 

Handmade Jam session!

At the start, they will give you aprons to wear if you do not have one. They will explain the procedures and ingredients on your table. The flavour of the jam to be made changes from time to time and at the time that I went, it was Orange Marmalade ・ オレンジマーマレード.  They will provide all the ingredients and you just have to follow their instructions to cook your jam.

This time the instructions were all in Japanese so I am not sure how it will be for English. The instructions are all simple so even if you do not understand Japanese, you still can roughly guess what they mean.

You get to make 4 jars worth of jam to take home.

You will then know just how much sugar goes into making jam!


After you have cooked your jam, you will put them into the jar yourself and label it with your name. While they take your jams to sterilise the bottles, you get to go do a factory tour of the jams and some sampling of their products.

DSC_1085.JPGMy orange marmalade jam in the process of becoming jam. 🙂
Had so much fun brewing the jam and testing the Brix level (sugar) with a refractometer.

An example of a refractometer (googled it). Basically, you put a drop of liquid there and close the lid. Then you look through the viewfinder and check the Brix level (sugar). Cool Stuffs.


Note: It is near the rabbit island (Okunoshima) that has gain quite a bit of tourist lately.


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