I took JAL over to Japan this time round! I took the early morning flight over and reached Tokyo at about almost noon. JAL Breakfast was by Soup Stock Tokyo. It was a tomato based soup but it was so oily.

Bought the personalised Pasmo card (with my name on it) from one of the ticketing machines at the airport. (I’ll find a picture of it)


Then I made my way to the hotel to drop off my baggage. It was near 羽田空港・Haneda Airport so it only took me around 20-30min to train and walk there. It was about 5min away from JR Kamata・蒲田 station (of cuz it also depends on your walking speed ;)).

Sotetsu Fresa Inn – Kamata

After dropping off my luggage, I headed straight for 渋谷ーSHIBUYA. It was more of a I-want-to-breathe-in-Japan kind of feeling plus it was nostalgic.
Headed straight to Fuji-Soba 富士そば for my first official meal in Japan. I found the shop based on memory – I went there once before about 3 years ago. I love my soba both hot and cold haha. So anyway I bought Tempura Soba (soup) 天ぷらそば and indulged in it.

I went to walk around after that – going to Muji and Parco. Basically I just made rounds in Shibuya. Went to shop at my favourite shop GU. – the sub-brand of UNIQLO. It was affordable and trendy.

And of course I had to go to the Tower Records Starbucks to drink their seasonal Sakura Blossom and Strawberry latte and see the Shibuya Crossing in action.It is almost a must-do tourist thing to do there. The place was so full of people that I could not find a seat!

Went back to the hotel to get some rest before dinner!

Dinner was at a small and quaint Sake bar near the Hotel at Kamata. The dishes were mainly to pair with Sake.

I had my first firefly squid 蛍いか there and it as quite good! The firefly squid represents SPRING or like Spring has arrived. Or as what I learnt there – the meaning of SHUN 旬 (seasonal food).

They had this really cute poster of Sakazukin Traffic Sign & Mark.
“Sleeping at the store is prohibited” or “Let’s drink together”
“Red Alert: Awaiting next Sake!”

Restaurant: 米酒場そう my BAR SO.


I just had to buy the ROYCE Ice Dessert – Matcha ice cream. 🙂
I loved the taste and gooey centre that it had. It is not available in Singapore!

Royce Ice Dessert – Matcha

And that ends my first day in Tokyo. 🙂


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