Sumire ~

Why I chose the name Sumire? 菫

Hello there!
I am new to blogging!
Started this one to start writing in English and (force) myself to buck up on my Japanese language studies (haha).

Why Sumire?
The Viola mandashurica is called Sumire (菫, すみれ, スミレ) in Japan.

The colour of the flower is dark violet. 🙂
My favorite colour.

The name has the meaning of “a small love,” “sincerity,” and “small bliss.”
In terms of Hanakotoba 花詞 (flower language), it means Honesty.

As I have been taking Japanese language classes, I had become interested in getting a meaningful Japanese name (of some sort). Purple/Violet is my favorite colour so I just tried to translate it into Japanese and found the name Sumire. 🙂

Simple, small and yet loved by many – a quality I hope to achieve.


簡単・小さい・でもたくさん人に愛されます - 美徳一つです


// Japanese Words In This Post //

SHOJIKI   /   しょうじき = 正直 (漢字)

BITOKU   /   びとく = 美徳 (漢字)

SUMIRE / すみれ = 菫 (漢字)




Feel free to correct my Japanese or English!



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